Eating underground

Another thing I had no idea was going on but suddenly now, knowing about it, it all makes perfect sense, particularly in this city of anti-establishment DIY everything: the underground restaurant.

All over the Bay Area, people are opening up their living rooms and inviting small groups in to serve them meals, sans the usual restaurant trappings like regular business hours, long menus, and health code violations. For $30, patrons at Ghetto Gourmet in Oakland get a 4-course prix fixe meal that may include an afterdinner dance with your host and chef, followed by a short trek to the local bar for drinks.

The bistro owners face possible fines and loss of their “business” if the local regulators find out what’s up, but for the most part these pop-up restaurants operate without a license and without a problem — the only problem is for the potential patron to figure out how to get an invitation.

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