Faster pipes, sponsored by Amazon

In the neverending battle to get faster Internet access to your house, the titans wielding the fiber are proposing an interesting alternative to higher fees for you and me.

Instead of that, why not charge information providers more if they want to pump their ads, bargains and data into your computer faster than the competition?

In other words, what if Amazon started paying Verizon et al a premium to deliver their IP addresses to you faster than eBay? Would that alter who you go to first for that bargain baby buggy, or would you still seek out the lowest price even if it took you a little longer to get there?

Bigger question: With the end of network neutrality, how does a new company hope to compete with the big boys who’s yachts are already in the water? If Yahoo! wants to start shoving broadband video-on-demand at you and they’ll pay AT&T more for the priviledge, do you care who you’re getting information from if it’s also taking bandwidth away from someone else?

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