Can a show be “too gay?”

Remember that show that ABC was supposed to show last year, about the families in Austin, Texas who had to choose between six other families for the right to live among them? And then ABC suddenly pulled the show ten days before its premiere because it was deemed “too controversial” because of the homophobic and racist comments that came out as a result of choosing between African-American, Hispanic, Korean, Wiccan and gay familes?

Turns out the gay couple with the African-American child won. And now the producers and some of the participants are calling ABC chickenshit for failing to show the whole thing, which turns out to be about tolerance and understanding in the end.

Unfortunately, it’s about tolerance and understanding of a family with two dads who love each other “in a weird kind of hot-tub love, with no chicks in the hot tub.”

Why did ABC pull it? Could it be because its owner, Disney, was courting two fundamentalist Christian groups to come out in droves to see “The Chronicles of Narnia” and they were afraid a show that featured a gay couple in a positive light may not be what he Southern Baptist Convention and Focus on the Family would consider family programming? ABC says that’s ludicrous. The two groups, which called off boycotts of Disney a week before they cancelled the series, called the show “a pretty stupid marketing move.”

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