Religious wrongs

Oy. This Washington Post article details some of the pending legislation (36 bills in 18 states) that would allow care providers, and in light of this article I use that term very loosely, to refuse to provide care to someone because of their religious beliefs.

For example, say that you, like me, are gay. Say it out loud, you’ll feel better. Okay, now imagine that you’ve just been beat up by one person because you’re gay, which offended them (or maybe it was your shoes) and you appear in a waiting room bleeding all over your new Dior shirt and when a doctor appears, and you tell him forlornly and probably hoping for a little sympathy, that you were gay bashed and, golly, how about a few stitches?

Under pending legislation, he can refuse to do so. Because you’re gay. Or because you want birth control. Or seek AIDS prevention. Or for any number of reasons that this particular doctor finds “morally repugnant,” they can legally refuse to help you. At least five of the pending bills reach even further, allowing insurance companies to deny coverage for services they deem objectionable based on religious reasons.

Of course, the gay thing is far-featched. For now. The real threat would be to those seeking abortions or morning after pills, and those requesting to have feeding tubes removed or wishing to have some control over the quality of their life — or death.

And another step backwards we go!

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