New election; Same old enemy

You knew it was coming, and here it is right on time. The Republicans are scared of losing control of the House and Senate because they’re just not very good at governing and upholding the Constitution and running a specious war and so forth, and their own constituents seem to be leaving their ranks. So what to do?

Why, drag out Queer Fear again! Just in time for the mid-terms, a group of religious leaders has opened up a new web site and signed an online petition calling for a Constitutional Amendment to bar same-sex marriage. While the timing isn’t curious, some of the signature are.

While this avenue of pandering used to be the venue of the far-right and evangelicals, now the Catholic Church (not exactly a bastion of morality of late) is adding their signatures to the scroll calling for legalized descrimination. Yay, Catholic Church! You go, girl!

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