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I didn’t say “Miu Miu, I said Meow Meow”

There’s no easy way to say goodbye to a cherished pet, and if you follow the fasion advice of Tinkebell, you never have to. This is one way to keep the memory of all the cat hair you lint rolled … Continue reading

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Modest Appeal

Your philanthropic choices (or lack thereof) are your business, however, if you’re like me, you’ve got some really mixed feelings about the Red Cross. Something you might consider for hurricane relief donations is Modest Needs, which focuses on keeping people … Continue reading

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Ready for the Cage Match

I’ve always wanted to see Albert Ellis fight Elizabeth Wurtzel in a cage match, and now that he’s in his 80s and has much of his intestine missing, it’s about ready to be a fiar fight, given that she’s a … Continue reading

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Natural Beauty

Next time you look in the mirror and wish your ass was higher, or open up a magazine and wonder at the smoothness of your favorite star’s skin, compared with the dimples and bruises and hey – is that a … Continue reading

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Homo Meritus

Finally boys, an artful way to push back at the Boy Scouts who don’t want you to lead them. As the little white boys taught us by buying all that FUBU gear, you can now have your very own Merit … Continue reading

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The Femininst and the Virgin

Slight spoilers for The 40 Year old Virgin below. Sunday I saw The 40 Year Old Virgin. It was good overall, there were some spectacular moments, but on reflection, I find some of the nicer turns weren’t in the jokes, … Continue reading

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Celebrity Politics

How much do you want to bet the campaign’s slogan ends up being “More cowbell!”

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Lesson Learned.

Stealing Music Hurts Everyone. (Except people who sell it.)

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Problem Solved!

You love pornography, you’ve got no shame. But everyone else is so damn uptight. I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy hot barely legal girl on girl action at Starbucks, while sipping a triple lowfat soy latte with a shot … Continue reading

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Since You’ve Been Kidz Bop

I’m only going to watch reimagined pop videos for kids, excuse me, KIDZ, from now on. When the tiger starts jumping around, and the little kid makes the rock growl right back at him, I mean, it’s just poetry. I … Continue reading

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