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Another Day, Another iPod

Apple — or more precisely, Steve Jobs, announced a complete revamp of their iPod line-up this morning, and as usual they’ve managed to one-up the competition on all fronts in the battle for your digital pocket, creating new products too … Continue reading

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Magnetosphere Beta Available

I must admit I’m a little bit jealous of all my friends being suddenly pregnant. I know at least four lady womens who have buns in the oven, and they are all about the “it feels like this!” and “I … Continue reading

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The Big Fat Open Directory in the Sky

My boyfriend, Robert, is very smart and very creative (and, you know, sexy) and makes very beautiful stuff out of pixels and sound. He uses Processing to program up these amazing interactive screen toys that respond to anything they hear, … Continue reading

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Repositioning glassdog, Part 2

Continued from Part 1 I always start my designs in Photoshop, and worry about how I’m going to accomplish it later. I mean, sure, I keep in mind the limitations and problems that HTML and buggy browsers provide, but when … Continue reading

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Repositioning, Part 1

Hello, again! It’s been more than a few months since my last post here at glassdog, and I’m starting up again with a new/old direction; Web site design. Perhaps some of you remember many years ago when you could come … Continue reading

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Mobile gaming and video and… everything

In the U.S., it’s pretty unusual for mobile phone users to do anything other than talk or take pictures with their phones, and even picture-taking isn’t as widespread as you think. But in the coming months and years, look for … Continue reading

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New election; Same old enemy

You knew it was coming, and here it is right on time. The Republicans are scared of losing control of the House and Senate because they’re just not very good at governing and upholding the Constitution and running a specious … Continue reading

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Reading this entry at Yahoo! News about a Temple University prof’s multi-year Starbucks-based modern culture research project, the only thing that struck me as amazing was that there are 500 Starbucks in Tokyo. “Is that all?” I thought to myself. … Continue reading

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The next Orbitz?

Liquid Cereal – The Review “With a slight thickness to its body, this product also feels somewhat like cereal in your mouth. The greenish color is probably our biggest issue with this product as green colored milk is typically … Continue reading

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Tolerating intolerance

Christian Evangelicals are taking their intolerance of homosexuals (Editors’s Note: Lance Arthur is a professional homosexual) to the courts in order to make it legally acceptible not to accept others, starting with the gays. In Georgia, a 22-year-old college student … Continue reading

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