Someone said it

Maybe it’s just me, and maybe I’ve watched too much West Wing over the years and can’t separate drama from politics (not that there’s much difference anymore) but I’ve always had the feeling that for anyone to publicly support same-sex marriage was political suicide.

So I was pleasantly shocked when Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold stated that he does. And said so publicly. In a manner that could be recorded and reported on.

Probably it’s been said before by some fringe candidates out there who couldn’t win an election if they were the only one voting, but it feels good to me to know that at least one politician has the balls (heh) to take a stand against discrimination and paint the issue for what it is.

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Peripheral design

Muji, the un-design company (no labels, no colors, no nothing) is sponsoring their first MUJI AWARD International Design Competition

The theme is “sumi,” and they want anyone and everyone to enter. What they’re looking for is designs for things at the edge of a room, not where the eye looks, the tucked-away corners and unnoticed areas.

Three prizes will be awarded, with the winner receiving US$20,000 and the joy of seeing their design (though certainly not their name) made real by the engineers at Muji. Design master Jasper Morrison is a special judge.

Whatever your thing is, your thing can not exceed a total height, width and depth of 120cm. It also has to survive shipment to Tokyo and it can be anything from furniture to stationary to office equipment.

The contest starts on May 15th and your submission must be received by August 31st. So get un-designing!

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Hello, Kitty!

Tokyo, Undessed via Tokyo Undressed

Warning: NWS! But awesome as your (my) desktop wallpaper.

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The Anti Christmas

Everyone seems to be all aflutter about tonight’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, but is anyone else worried/excited about June 6th?

After all, the sixth of June this year will be, whether you’re in America where we put the month first, or in Europe where the day’s date is foremost, 06/06/06! OMG!

Frankly, if Cheney doesn’t once and for all stand up and reveal his black, pitted soul and batwings, I’ll have lost all faith in Biblical prophesy.

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JetBlue wants to put you to sleep

High fuel costs are eating the airlines alive, causing the already in-bankruptcy fliers to go deeper into the red, and the just-making it guys to try to find more ways to lure passengers into their emptier planes.

JetBlue’s answer is to offer overnight passenger kits to red-eye fliers travelling between coasts. The Shut-Eye service offers Bliss Spa packs with eye masks, earplugs, moisturizer and lip balm so that you can relax into the company’s leather seats, settle in for a 6-hour overnight flight and awaken refreshed, envigorated and moistened.

If they really want to make passengers happy, I think the U.S. carriers ought to take a page from Virgin Air’s manual and offer Mile High Club Seating on selected flights. As long as one gets to choose one’s seating companion, of course.

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Fags pollute Illinois lake

The Gay Games happen every four years, just like all teh other celebrations of athletic prowess, only with more style. One doesn’t have to be gay to participate, but it’s probably a given that you’re going to be ogled not only for how you handle a javelin, but how you handle a javelin, wink wink.

This July, Chicago is hosting the thousands of athletes and fans and the needed a place for the rowers to row. Enter Crystal Lake, Illinois, population 40,000. What was the reaction in this little ‘burb to the thought of several dozen wet, muscular rowers getting into their lake and shoving their boats through the waves? Not all peaches and cream.

The question is no longer, “do we want a lot of people coming in and spoiling our quiet little town,” and has become, “do we want to legitimize homosexuality and tell our little children it’s all okay to be, you know, different ‘in that way’?”

Angry letters have shown up the local paper, with fears that so much gay all over the place can’t help but create an atmosphere of R-rated half-clad shenanigans because, really, isn’t that all the gays think about all the time?

Gay Games spokesman Kevin Boyer says the Games aren’t about pushing any agenda other than the tried-and-true and somewhat false premise that we’re all the same inside and can’t we all just get along? The fact that a rowing competition has caused all this commotion pretty much answers that question, don’t it?

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Total Ecstasy

And you thought you felt good?

A 37-year-old man in England has consumed 40,000 ecstasy tablets over the course of 9 years, starting at a paltry 5 per weekend and topping out at 25 tablets every day for four years.

He only stopped when he collapsed three times at parties.

What’s the fallout? Tunnel vision, severe panic attacks, anxiety, depression and muscle rigidity. And seven years after he stopped gulping E, he still has short-term memory problems. In other words, he knows he didn’t take ecstacy six years ago, but he doesn’t know if he took it yesterday.

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Wal – Mart is Totally Gay

A Tupelo, Mississippi-based Christian-themed organization of far-far-right minded individuals is peeved at Wal-Mart for actually selling “Brokeback Mountain” on DVD.

The American Family Association, representing 3 million what I am supposing are typical Wal-Mart shoppers (of which I am not one of) objects not only to the selling of the horrible gay-agenda-pushing Academy Award-winning film, but also to Wal-Mart’s aggressive storefront gay propagandizing of the stud-muffin spectacular.

“It wasn’t even a blockbuster movie, so if Wal-Mart isn’t trying to push an agenda, why would they put it at the front door?” said Randy Sharp, director of special projects for the association, which calls itself an organization for “people who are tired of cursing the darkness and who are ready to light a bonfire.”

Ah, the scent of burning DVDs in the morning. Smells like… fascism.

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New Dresden Dolls!

Love them. Everyone should buy their new album and make them smash hit wonders and also see them live and also, like, you know, love them, generally.

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Gays, Bush and Baptists

Finally, I am saved through the power of Jesus and Betty Bowers.

And also, the unavoidable evidence concerning the President’s “homosexual tendencies.”

A Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage? Not for me, Mary!

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