Hola, amigos y amigas!
The glassdog labs® have certainly been busy this weekend. They’ve managed to come up with three, count ’em, three all new dress-up outfits for the paperdoll that is
In the past, a boisterous few have, well, complained is not an incorrect term… complained that the site design is a little distracting. Loud. Obnoxious. And so on. So to answer our critics and give the design team something to do, we’re offering these alternate designs:
PlayTime! (shiny and new!)
Mossy (a woodsy scent)
Black and White (and read all over)
You can change the look any time you want to! And we’ll be adding new looks in the days and weeks ahead, don’t you worry you’re pretty little head about that. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, use the little dropdown in the lower left corner of your browser. If you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you’ll have to use the links provided under “ETC.” on the right alley.
Fun, fun! And the original design is, of course, always available.

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