I would normally be able to hunt you down some sort of linky things to amuse you or bemuse you or confuse you but I am currently stuck in the double-funk of being extremely busy at work (for a change) and somewhat sick (unusually) so rather than provide you with some linkage, I’m going to bitch about the other authors I invited to help me out here who, with one or two exceptions, generally don’t.
I do this for two reasons: One, I hate not being able to update and; Two, not having entries makes my delightfully eye-gouging interface go kaflooey, so there you go.

The other authors are not me. I’ve been asked that a few times, but each of them are individuals with their own schedules and interests and families and jobs and yet they all agreed to take the time to go along for this ride and provide the occasional web tip to you all out there constantly hungry for the next cool thing.
And at first, of course, they were all over this thing, but now… now where are they? Where did they go? Did they forget? Lose interest? Not care anymore?
As mentioned, I’m all sick so I’m feeling a tad sorry for myself and my modd is one of bitching. I want to bitch about things, because lately things, in general, suck. The election year sucks. The campaigns suck. The whole “gay people are a plague and should shut the fuck up and stop complaining that they don’t have the same rights, well boo hoo, like I give a shit, I love Jesus…” sucks.
On a more personal level, some things suck, some things do not. My problem is that I really have no basis to complain about the things that suck because I can change them easily (or, well, with some difficulty and resolve and time, but am unwilling, apparently, at this juncture to do so) and the things that don’t suck, well, I don’t want the sucking things to impact the non-sucking things but that’s nearly impossible.
And that sucks.
The authors, though. What to do? Should I just fire all their asses? I can’t really force them to do anything, there’s no money to be made, no glory or fame or gold medals here. Purely voluntary, of course, but still, it rankles. And I generally just sit on my rankles and let them rankle until they either fester and blister and start leaking pus all over until I cannot ignore them, or I tell my therapist about them and she nods and smiles and asks, “So, what do you think about that?”
Which sucks. And rankles.
I’m alomost done. I’ve also ignored my other site for nearly a month, but I’ve a feeling that once that happens, in today’s fast-paced weblog-ruled environment, it’s D.O.A. kids. I’ll get to it “when I have time.” Things are spiraling out of my control. Sort of. Not really. Just me, wanting someone to say “there, there,” and pat my head so I can grouse and moan and roll over.

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