Now what?

As Harper’s puts it, “So the wrong candidate has won, and you want to leave the country.” Sure, it’s tempting. It’s tempting as hell. After all, if this election showed fair-minded progressives anything, it was that we’re not only at odds with the current presidential administration, we’re at odds with the majority of the U.S. population.
Albeit a slight majority, but a majority nonetheless.
Are we, then, to shift our beliefs and buy in to what seems to be the regressive policies oulined by the winning side? It’s sort of ridiculous to think that as an American, I have to agree with the majority rule. Even if democratic rule is based on that principle, democracy is not.

What gets me about the election, and to allude back to what Mystery Date said, it wasn’t just the loss, it was the method. It was Rove’s scary homophobic fear-mongering and the fact that it worked even better than the Republicans themselves expected.
They used us as a weapon, and as far as political weapons go, we’re very useful. They don’t have many left that can bring the level of fear and loathing that faggots do (at least not openly).
To paraphrase Sally Field, “You hate us. You really, really hate us.”
What are we left with, and the ‘we’ I refer to is not only the homosexuals of the nation, but everyone who does not agree with the policies of this inept, backwards, sorry administration? I have to agree with Kos. We have to take back the idea of ‘values’ and define it correctly, not as a set of fears about God’s retribution, but as a set of hopes about humanity.
What I was hoping for, and what I believed, was that there were more people of logic who would step forward in large numbers and say through their votes that this is not a man we support. We don’t support his beliefs nor his war nor his call for prejudicial constitutional amendments. But that didn’t happen, so I am left wondering whether the nation, as a whole, really is that Christian fundamentalist, narrow-minded, short-sighted and, well, stupid.
I am not going to give the country up to them this easily. Not without a fight. I’m sure they’d like nothing better than to live in a Fantasyland of their own creation(ism) without the messy realities of modern life, but they don’t get off like that. No, I’m sticking around and being me, believing my beliefs and fighting for the rights of everyone else — yes, even the fundamentalists — to go on believing theirs. I know that I don’t fit into their tight little structure, but they’re going to have to compromise and show a little respect.
Marriage can wait. Respect can’t.

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