Starting Over

It has been at least ten years since I wrote anything here, or anywhere really. If there is something out there other than an old tweet, which there shouldn’t be considering I stopped using Twitter shortly after the Cheeto-skinned asshole assumed control of the government and Twitter itself, but whatever. This is a stupid opening paragraph and I already regret writing it.

Do I have anything interesting to say? Probably not. At least, nothing original or compelling by my own estimation.

But I miss writing. I certainly don’t miss the internet, or what it pretends to be today – a celebration of unchecked ego and avarice maintained and overseen by a small group of technology companies and social sites pretending to be of service to humanity when, in reality, they have done more to tear us apart and make us afraid, angry, and insane than any number of drugs or alcoholic beverages could have hoped to accomplish in so little time.

I don’t have a plan, but I have a lot of time on my hands. I guess that’s all that’s needed now, so I shall attempt to make the least of it that I can.

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